Friday, April 27, 2012

Falsies: Love/Hate

Falsies Headache

I love looking at false eyelashes in the store— I fantasize about having real lashes that are that long and thick. I can't really complain because my lashes are fine. They are long "enough" by anyone else's standards. Well, that hasn't stopped me from dabbling in falsies, anyway.

I've gotten my individual lashes, half-sies, and full eyelash sets from Walgreens. Yeah, I know. I'm not really going out of my way to get the best stuff. Some of lashes from Walgreens has been great and cheap. I haven't had a lot of luck w/ their fullsies— I can't tell I'm wearing them, and they don't bend around the shape of my eye well.

My real eyelashes

I stepped in Good Vibrations around the Valentine season and fell in love with this HUGE pair of falsies. I convinced myself that $10 wasn't too much to spend, and that I would make them last (I usually spend like $5 at Walgreens). They were soft like a big feather, and were almost two inches long.

I never wore them because they just looked so theatrical and I figured I'd had to wait for the right event/date. Well, that turned out to be tonight. I was listening to Adele and getting all teary (who doesn't?) and it just happened. It took twenty minutes to put them on, and I know it was 20 minutes because I listened to "Someone Like You" 5x while I was putting them on.

It was as hard as I thought it was going to be. They were just enormous and hard to hold in place while the glue dried. They were being jerks...  is there anyway better to describe it? The one on my right was particularly uncooperative. I'd have it in place, my tweezer nudging one end perfectly in the corner of my eye, and then all of sudden it would "spring!" out of place. I tried putting the glue on my eye, and then putting the falsie on top. That didn't work.

"Heh. I finally got them on."

I finally got them to stay. I blasted "Good Feeling" by Flo Rida and enjoyed them for 15 minutes.

Sigh...  Looks pretty, right? My right eye is in pain.

Then they felt too uncomfortable so I peeled them off (and they had started to fall off a little). I'll be shopping for more in the future... I'll find the right size eventually! Not discouraged.

"Angry Monkey" Aretha. Lol my left falsie is coming off... 


  1. I find that store bought lashes are always to 'big' for my eyes. Try trimming an eighth to a quarter inch off the inner corner of the lash band. Voila! They'll stay on easier. I do this with everything from 'daywear' lashes to my super glam inch and a half long 301 falsies. Also, I can't get ANYTHING but Lashgrip to stay on my skin (and they sell it at Wallgreens). A little goes a long way!