Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Peaky Blinders: Cillian Murphy Needs More Sex and a Sandwich

Peaky Blinders is a new Netflix Originals show— Season 1 went live Sept 30th, and Season 2 will be coming in November.

I have been loving Netflix shows latelyso I was totally on board to try another new one! So let's get into it: [SPOILERS BELOW]

It stars Cillian "Cheekbones" Murphy, who is normally gorgeous, but they make him look weird for this show— malnourished and super gaunt. WTH.

I can only surmise they did that because they didn't want his stunning looks to be too distracting.

He's also super grumpy. He's a grumpy criminal person in London, 1910ish, who runs books or something? Anyway, you know it's shady— and the whole family is in it. He's the leader. 

I found the pilot a little confusing... but as soon as I saw Sam Neil, I knew I was gonna stick around: 

I LOOOOOVE Sam Neil, who everyone obviously remembers from Jurassic Park, and more recently from The Tudors. He is the police captain in charge of busting Cillian Cheeks.

I'm so glad he's on this show and getting work, I want to see more of him everywhere. Unfortunately, I never got the feeling his character was ever a serious threat. They didn't give him enough time on screen. 

Instead, we are left to ponder for 6 hours whether Grumpy is ever going to bone the barmaid-who's-really-working-with-the-police-undercover chick: 

Played by Annabelle Wallis, who was also Queen Jane on The Tudors as well. She is the boring love interest who CAN'T sing as well as she thinks she can— was it supposed to be slightly off-key? However she is super badass and is good in fights, no wilting flower. She also manages to get naked with Grumpypants and they have such great sex, his entire personality changes the morning afterwards. 

All this star talent!!! Still, I found this show slightly lacking. It just needed... a little more. More explaining, more backstory, less "this criminal mastermind will never ever be caught by Sam Neil, so there's nothing to worry about," and thus no tension. I will be interested to see what's next in Season 2. 

Grade: C+, but I'm openminded. More sex and food, less singing. 

Your thoughts? Comments below! 

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