Friday, April 6, 2012

Pupusa Quest

Brisas de Alcapulco
3137 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA. 

I love pupusas. Ever since I was able to walk my godmother Honey Lee and I would go to our favorite neighborhood pupusa place, 'Brisas de Alcapulco.' I always wanted "just cheese" pupusas— I was very fussy about that! Usually we would take them home to eat, maybe watch Godzilla. 

Good memories.

I would have been happy to continue that same routine till the day I died, but then Brisas de Alcapulco  CLOSED. It was horrible. First, they said they were "only temporarily" closed for repairs till 0ct 31st, 2011. Well, Halloween came and went, and it still wasn't open. I knew something was wrong. Months later, some completely different restaurant had bought them and opened as some fancy-shmancy Argentinian joint.

RIP Brisas de Alcapulco.

I was curious, so I went in one day and looked at the menu. They called them "polpusas" (or something), and they were 4x more expensive than the original ones at Brisas. Ugly paint color. I refused to even sit down. I grilled the new owner about what exactly had happened, and why the old owner had sold. I couldn't get any info out of him. I was so passionate about the whole thing I must have weirded him out.

I am on a mission to find my new favorite place to get pupusas. I will not rest!

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