Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10 Things I Hated/Liked About New York

Of course I ♥ NY, but I happened to visit during the worst heat wave ever...

Five Things I Hated About New York

1. The WEATHER. This easily makes my #1 on the list. It's way too fucking hot! Not like "Gee, isn't this sun great?" hot, but unbearable, in utter misery hot. And no wind. 

It got to the point where the entire day would be planned around the heat. On my (1) day off from work, I just spent the entire time in my hotel room with the AC on. 

2. The NOISE. I am NEVER going to ever watch a movie that takes place in NY the same way ever again. It's fucking bullshit— there was never a moment where car horns weren't constantly honking and beeping. I have never witnessed so many overzealous, insane drivers. 

3. The RUDE PEOPLE. There def seems to be a "rude culture" thing going on in NY. They are just not as nice and relaxed as Cali people! [And I'm not biased at all...]

4. The $$$$-COSTS. Everything is so expensive!! 

5. The SIZE. It's just too fucking big. It's like a small country, and there are so many people it's insane. 

Totally overwhelming; it must be hard to meet new people. Hair stylist confirmed this by saying the dating scene in NY sucks because everyone is just waiting for the next best thing to come around the corner— why settle down with (1) person when there's so many people to choose from?? 

Five Things I Liked About New York

1. Saying "I'M GOING TO NEW YORK" gets everyone in Cali all excited. It's cool to say you've been there. 


I'm having writer's block right now and can't honestly think of anything that I liked, specifically, about "New York" on this latest trip, so for #2-#5 I'm going to list things that I absolutely loved when I visited NY when I was 10 years old. 

2. The HOTDOG I got in Central Park. It was at the top of my "NY Trip" bucket list. My mom and dad took photos and everything. 

3. The MUSEUMS. 

4. The STATUE OF LIBERTY. This was back pre- 9/11, when there wasn't crazy security everywhere. It was a great day trip and we wore our liberty crown hats all day. 

5. The CENTRAL PARK. I know we have our great GG Park here in SF, but Central Park was something else. It was so beautiful in spring, with tons of cherry trees in bloom. My mom and I tugged a huge low branch and it just started raining petals. 

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