Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Basket

The bunnies I wish I had

Happy Easter Everyone : )

I have a tradition in my family for Easter morning. My dad would always hide my easter basket and leave a string trail for me to follow. A lot of times it involved me crawling under things, going outside, etc. I have found my basket under the sink, under a pile of laundry, and in the dog bed.

This year I did the same with thing with my boyfriend, Edher. This was his first Easter basket ever!

Tricolor Ice Cream 
There's a clip from Gabriel Iglesias' show called "Racist Gift Basket." Edher LOVES this clip, we've both watched it a million times. I decided to do a Peruvian version. I went all over SF yesterday getting little peruvian things like Tricolor Ice Cream, little panflutes, Lucuma flour, a little llama baby, and more.

I woke up at 6:00am this morning and hid his basket, leaving a complicated string obstacle course trail (w/ eggs and presents along the way). Well, I thought it was complicated. Edher easily stepped over things that I was crawling under and getting rug burn.

It was cute to watch, and Edher immediately wanted to try his ice cream.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Day! Up Next: Hunky Jesus Contest 

Tricolor Ice Cream Photo By Omega Zero 

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