Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why Couldn't Jesus Have Hurried Up?

I was so excited to see the Hunky Jesus Contest today in Dolores Park. Edher and I got there super early, when the little kids were hunting for eggs. We brought our bear "Benito," who was very popular with the children. We ended up using him as a double pillow on the lawn.

Edher & Benito 

A couple hours later the whole place was PACKED, with "special cookie" vendors combing the crowds. Beautiful sunny day. Perfect for a party.

 Ok— it doesn't look sunny, but it was. 

There was pumping techno, live bands, burlesque, and an Easter Bonnet contest, which was awesome. It seemed like every man there was wearing an awesome hat.

Flower Disco 

Some people took it to the next level... 

Ken Barbies Lounge

Most people who staked out a spot on the grass were clearly veterans. Ice chests, tents, beer, burritos, chips, dip, etc. Me and Edher just brought Benito. 

We socialized and watched all the entertainment, holding our breath for the Hunky Jesus Contest to begin. We took a nap. We got sunburned. By 2:30pm we were starving so we bailed and got pupusas on Valencia St. It was delish! Then we got sleepy and decided to go home.

Edher & Me on Bart going home :) 

It was a wonderful Easter!  Sorry Hunky Jesus, we'll catch ya next year. 

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